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I love reading and i will read, well, try, just about any book. My favourite genre is paranormal. Yep i am a huge fan of vampires. Recently i have started reading romance novels. I also enjoy erotica novels, the likes of 50 shades, the crossfire series.

Much more recent i have discovered indie authors and i am enjoying reading their books. 


My motto is :- Read what you love, Love what you read!!


Megan's Mark (Breeds, #7)

Megan's Mark (Breeds, #7) - Lora Leigh I loved this book, love the series. I did get slightly annoyed at Megan, she seemed to give in to him, to let him dominate her. But..... it worked out in the end. I do feel that i can read these books quicker on my kindle than i would in paperback form.

A question came to me while reading this, which side would i be on? I thought about it.....for all of a second, i'd be on the breeds side. Not cos they are all, sexy & hot men or females. No its more deeper than that for me. They didn't ask to be born/created, they never asked to be tortured, raped, beaten. Yet the breeds have been used & abused. If DNA matters, then the purists have forgotten one thing, they have human DNA too. You can not forget they have human DNA.