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I love reading and i will read, well, try, just about any book. My favourite genre is paranormal. Yep i am a huge fan of vampires. Recently i have started reading romance novels. I also enjoy erotica novels, the likes of 50 shades, the crossfire series.

Much more recent i have discovered indie authors and i am enjoying reading their books. 


My motto is :- Read what you love, Love what you read!!


Guarding his heart  JS Cooper
Guarding his heart JS Cooper

✰★✰Guarding His Heart Teaser✰★✰

Guarding His Heart is a new standalone contemporary romance book by New York Times Bestselling Author J. S. Cooper.

“I didn’t know that backstabbing in the corporate world started in those as young as twenty four. I thought it started when folks hit their thirties at least.”

“Nepotism doesn’t start in the thirties, so why should backstabbing?”

“So you admit that you’ve got a plan to backstab me?”

“I don’t have a plan to do anything.”

“I used to be a bodyguard you know, well, more like a bouncer, but I don’t take crap very well.”

“Are you threatening me?” Her lips trembled as she stared at me with narrowed eyes. It took everything I had in me to not laugh. This girl was a spitfire. A real spitfire. She was going to make my first few weeks very interesting.

Guarding His Heart will be out on August 26th, 2014

Preorder Guarding His Heart on Amazon here: amzn.to/X5qQtR