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I love reading and i will read, well, try, just about any book. My favourite genre is paranormal. Yep i am a huge fan of vampires. Recently i have started reading romance novels. I also enjoy erotica novels, the likes of 50 shades, the crossfire series.

Much more recent i have discovered indie authors and i am enjoying reading their books. 


My motto is :- Read what you love, Love what you read!!


Frostbite (Vampire Academy)

Frostbite  - Richelle Mead This book will always have a very special place in my heart. This is the book, thanks largely to a dear friend who sent it to me, that triggered my obsession with reading again. At the time i didn't even realise it was book 2 of the series.

Rose is in love with Dimitri but because of the 7 year age difference, the fact he's her teacher and they are both going to be Lissa's Guardian Dimitri tells Rose they can't be together. Dimitri is then propositioned to be Tasha's(Christians auntie) Guardian with benefits. When Rose hears about this she is heart broken and her a Dimitri start arguin...ALOT. Although we don't know throuout the book if Dimitri has took this offer it is very sad to see Rose so heart broken.
Aswell as this the academy is on very high alert because of a strigoi attack and are taken on a Skiing trip for the christmas holidays. Because of this we get to be intropduced to some awsome Guardians including Rose's Mother. Although you don't see her as a good mother at all you do respect her because she is one fantastic guardian. During this high alert also learn alot of things about the Strigoi. This results in the training guardians Rose, Eddie and Mason and the Moroi's(full vampires with magical properties magical properties) Christian and Mia coming face to face with them.