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I love reading and i will read, well, try, just about any book. My favourite genre is paranormal. Yep i am a huge fan of vampires. Recently i have started reading romance novels. I also enjoy erotica novels, the likes of 50 shades, the crossfire series.

Much more recent i have discovered indie authors and i am enjoying reading their books. 


My motto is :- Read what you love, Love what you read!!


Kiss of Heat (Feline Breeds, Book 3)

Kiss of Heat - Lora Leigh I love this series. But it is confusing how its numbered. On some sites this one is the 3rd book in the series, on others this one is the 4th. After reading it, in a day!! yes i read it on one day. Surprised me. Anyway, i released this was book 4, as there was characters who i didn't know.

It does have a story line, a very good story line. They are neither human or animal. Some people think they should all be killed, others think they should be locked away as they're a danger to human. No they aren't human but are they animals? They are always looking over their shoulders. Wondering who will be coming next to launch an attack on them. They can't rest, never take their foot of the pedal, their eye of the ball.