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I love reading and i will read, well, try, just about any book. My favourite genre is paranormal. Yep i am a huge fan of vampires. Recently i have started reading romance novels. I also enjoy erotica novels, the likes of 50 shades, the crossfire series.

Much more recent i have discovered indie authors and i am enjoying reading their books. 


My motto is :- Read what you love, Love what you read!!


Biting Bad

Biting Bad  - Chloe Neill OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!

Have i ever said i love this series? Did i? I mean. This is an awesome series. This book is number 8 and it is still going strong. I love the characters,each one of them brings something to the story. The relationship between the characters is believable. I like that it isn't perfect, that they hit issues, that things don't run smoothly. It makes it much more real.

I did guess at part of the story but it didn't spoil anything and i was still surprised with the ending. Chloe Neill has a talent to keep her readers enthralled and on the edge of their seats.

There is still some unanswered questions, have they really gotten rid of their greatest enemy? has he gone for good? Some how i don't think it'll be that easy to be rid of him and his views. I have a feeling that some may see him as a martyr and use it as a reason to kick up more trouble.

Overall a brilliant book, a wonderful addition to the on-going saga's in Chicago and for those who live and work there.

I can't wait for book 9 and i've a long time to wait. (February 2014) before that there's a novella in January.